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“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to.”

Richard Branson

We can help train you in all the areas we do business in, whether that be as one-to-one sessions, departmental training, or for your whole company, we've got it covered.  All our training can be adapted to you so whether you want an overview of a subject, a deep dive, or for us to facilitate a discussion we can meet your needs.

This is by no way a complete list of the training we can offer so if you need something that isn't listed please let us know.


Social media is one of the hottest topics in small businesses as it can be one of the best value marketing propositions. We can give you an overview of the whole market, coaching on a particular website, or a deep dive into pay-per-click, let us know what you need.



Once your website is up and running it can be useful to understand how to make simple amendments, add products, or change offers. We can talk you through the process in easy-to-follow steps.




The core of any business but a subject many shy away from, without sales you don't have a business.  You don't have to be a 'sales person' to sell your product but structuring your energy, passion, and enthusiasm into an easy-to-follow process will pay huge dividends in the long run.




Recruiting is tough, and keeping hold of great staff is tougher.  Let us support you in leading a great team and keeping your best people on board.



Whether you love it or loathe it, networking is key to the success of many businesses.  Done badly it's a waste of time, done well it can be the best hour you've spent in a long time.  Let us walk you through the simple rules and strategies to make networking work for you. 




At the heart of any good business are good books, if you want to do them yourself, we can show you how.  From loading the software to reconciling your bank statement we can show you the way.



The most important part of any business is selling your product or service, the second is getting paid once you've delivered.  With our invoicing workshops, you will be very well placed to get your money in as soon as possible.


So you've delivered your product, sent a beautiful invoice, and your customer still hasn't paid!  Having a solid credit control process is key to good cash flow and the survival of your business.  We can support you with both the process and teach you how to get the money paid.



Without leads, you have no one to sell to, so they are all important.  This session talks through all the possible sources of leads for your business, which should be a priority, and how to use them best.




Whether you need help with internet banking, preparing to borrow, reconciliation, securities, or any other of a number of banking processes and procedures, we have the people to help.




Word, Excel, and PowerPoint make up a huge amount of what any business uses to run and communicate with its customers.  It doesn't matter if you're a beginner we have the people to support you. 


Remember with our flat hourly rate you can combine your training needs with a virtual administrator, marketing department, bookkeeper, business coach, and many other support services to have just the right mix for your small business.

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