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Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs


The answer is you can outsource pretty much any back-office task to JUGGLE! and in any combination of hours to suit your business.  Whatever it is that gets you up early, keeps you up late, gets in the way of business development, stops you from providing your service, or reduces the time you have with your family, our Virtual Assistants have got it covered!


The idea for Juggle! came from our own experience that every business we have worked with has, at some point, needed skills that they don't currently have. They have also had a need for multiple skills that one new employee just doesn't normally have. However, they are not yet in a position to employ multiple staff. It is rare to find one individual who is an expert at Bookkeeping, Personal Assistant duties, Marketing, Social Media, Administration, Customer Service, SEO, Website Building and many, many other skills a business needs.  So we decided to offer experts in all those areas to your business for one monthly cost.



In addition, we can offer business advice and support on almost anything and during any part of a company's life cycle.  From before start-up to growth, business sale, premises purchase, staff employment, and preparation to borrow.  We've worked with hundreds of successful businesses over the last twenty years and have a huge amount of experience in what makes a business successful and allows an owner to work ON the business not in it.



There are six main areas we can help and support you. By taking work away and putting time back into your diary to do what you're good at, providing the goods or services you went into business to provide!


Just click below to find out more.

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